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Thursday, October 25, 2012 7:19:55 AM
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Re: Managing Groups

I have faced the differences in my classes where groups of four may work in some, but groups of two may work better in others.  I have tried grouping strong with weak students, but the strong students get tired of always having to pull the weak ones along.  I have learned if I am going to group that way, it is best if I do it for certain concepts only, then group differently for other things.  The strong students work best if you group them together, but then you are faced with having four or more other groups in which you need to be an active part in each group, otherwise they get nothing accomplished.  It is a difficult challenge juggling these issues and still making it work.  I would encourage changing their seating often.  I mean, tell them where to sit in different locations often, as opposed to just changing their groups.  They should still know how to group the desks, whether in groups or partners, no matter where they are sitting to eliminate time lost rearranging for group work.  If you just change their groups, it tends to be fruit-basket-turnover trying to get them with their new groups.  Good Luck!! Christy Kelly