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West Carroll

Parish School Board

Crisis Management

Oak Grove High School Letter to Parents

Oak Grove High School
501 W Main Street
Oak Grove, La 71263

John Robert Warner, Principal
August 2019
Dear Parents or Guardians:

This letter is intended to provide families with updated information on our crisis management protocol. Please rest assured that it is our intent to educate your children in a safe and orderly environment, and that we are prepared to deal with an emergency situation should it occur. It is important that you inform the school secretary if your emergency phone number or contact/authorized release person(s) has changed so that we can keep our files updated and current. In addition to regular tornado and fire drills, we also have plans in place for other emergency situations:

Shelter-in-place refers to protecting students, faculty and staff within the buildings. For example, an accident on the highway might cause a release of a hazardous substance. Students and staff would be safer sheltered within the facility than moving to another location.

Lockdown protects students, faculty and staff from internal or external threats. Classroom and exterior doors are secured and movement of personnel is limited. Normal operations will resume when it is safe to do so.

Evacuation is the removal of all students, faculty and staff from school buildings to a designated safe area. Each school has an on-site evacuation safe area and also an off-site evacuation area.

In the event of an evacuation, we will use our telephone “One Call” notification system to give information regarding bus and parent pick-up areas. Please note that we do have a plan in place for reunification of students with parents in the event of an evacuation. Only your designated contact/authorized release person will be allowed to sign for and pick up your child, and school personnel may ask for proper ID if necessary.

John Robert Warner 
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